SSRM: Causes and consequences of incidents

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Sustainable SHEQ Risk Management: Causes and consequences of incidents

1 hour 30 minutes

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COURSE DURATION: 1 hour 30 minutes 

The purpose of this module is to provide you with tools to effectively manage your company’s SHEQ programme.

It also provides an understanding of and insight into:

  • The consequences that incidents can have on people, the organisation and the environment.
  • Those factors which cause incidents to occur and what can be done to prevent them from happening again.  


Achieving incident control

  • Introduction
  • Incident control
  • Fundamental causes of incidents
  • Definition of an incident, accident and near-miss


Consequences of incidents

  • Introduction
  • Consequences of incidents


Incident Ratio studies

  • Introduction
  • Bird Study
  • UK ratio study
  • Findings of British research
  • Relationship between major / minor incidents and near-misses
  • SHEQ processes


Causation model

  • Introduction
  • Causation model
  • Loss
  • Costs of incidents
  • Incident
  • The caught between incident
  • The caught in incident
  • The caught on incident
  • The contact with incident
  • The contact by incident
  • The drowning incident
  • Fall from elevation to lower level incident
  • The fall on same level incident
  • The handling incident
  • The exposure incident
  • The overstress incident
  • The struck against incident
  • The struck by incident


Immediate causes of incidents

  • Introduction
  • Substandard acts and conditions
  • Possible immediate causes


Root causes of incidents

  • Introduction
  • Human factors
  • Possible root causes – human factors
  • Possible root causes – workplace factors


Inadequate systems control

  • Introduction
  • Inadequate systems control
  • A proper system
  • Proper roles, responsibilities and standards
  • Proper compliance to roles, responsibilities and standards


Inadequate risk assessment

  • Introduction
  • Baseline risk assessments
  • Issue based risk assessments
  • Continuous risk assessments
  • 20 credits towards the DQS XPERT Sustainable SHEQ Risk Management (SSRM) Diploma (SSRM 2 of 18)

  • Downloadable DQS XPERT certificate, with a certificate number that can be verified on the portal.

  • Content is supplied and reviewed by international DQS Technical Experts/ Lead Auditors

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  • Final exam with a 100% pass rate


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Sustainable SHEQ Risk Management: Causes and consequences of incidents

1 hour 30 minutes